Years of experience
Completed projects


Our history

Our story began at UC San Diego, a group of students with a common dream to one day open an engineering firm. In 2018, that dream became true, ARC Engineers, Inc. was established.

While the firm first took on minor consulting projects, grading plans, storm water compliance, and foundation inspections. Several projects began to be requested by existing clients due to the efficient and fast delivery of projects compared to other firms.

The company has expanded to deliver Civil, Structural, Architectural, Geotechnical, Surveying, and Construction Management services.

ARC Engineers, Inc. has become one of the leading infrastructure engineering firms in Southern California. The firm’s ability to successfully deliver projects on time, on budget, and with quality work has helped build our reputation with our clients and has contributed to our growth.

Our vision

To empower ourselves, employees, and communities through our engineering practices and methods. We strive to build professionals and create a better engineer for tomorrow’s environment.

Our values

Honesty, Responsability, Quality, Empathy

Our Staff

The staff consists of experienced project managers and business professionals who have a combined total of more than 30 years of experience.